The effect of Hamburger Crisis

The effect on automobile industry


Most of people think that the effect from the Hamburger Crisis or the declining in economy will effect in the finance industry and the property part only, but it wild spread to another part  especially affect seriously at this time; automobile industry. During end year 2007, the General Motor (GM) is to still topmost of total selling while the Toyota Motor became the champion 1 rank in the sense of the production. But during end of the year 2008, GM will become that mostly bankrupt for car business while the Toyota might confront with the loss in operating for the first time since year 1941. In world automobile industry, especially the three bigger productions in USA include that GM, Ford and Chrysler must borrow the money emergency from the Congress federation council to resuscitate their business.

Besides that,, in 2008 the car luxurious trademark or have the identify of oneself many change hands owner such as Ford sell Jaguar and Land Rover those are luxurious England brand to Tata Motor of India. Moreover, Aston Martin come back to produce in England again but beneath the administration of Chinese company. And now Ford look for the way in the sale Volvo while GM offer for sale Saab out already.

            Mr. Eric Mergale, the analysis of motor from Cro Harvard, the famous business adviser company in USA said that “the bankruptcy of automobile business will cause to many supplier and the dealers to face the same situation unavoidably and finally, will unstable both of economy system.


The effect on stock market


Stock Market condition must meet with hard crisis from Hamburger crisis that have effect to index decrease to 50 %. After the united state liberates to give

 “ Lehmen Brothers ” becomes bankrupt, stock worldwide exchange down perpendicularly immediately especially stock Thai exchange down perpendicularly hard does minimum statistic is daily. So the Stock Market of Thailand must use the measure rests the trading temporary (Circuit Breaker) at 2 time within month one. And assets value follows the market price totals up (market cap) decrease to 46.23 %. As a result, index of stock market decrease to minimum index at the new time. Such as index of India Stock Market fall to 4.9% as the same Taiwan Stock Market, while Hong Kong Stock Market is subside heavy most to 3.8 %. Though Tokyo stock exchange which is the power buys to support take binding interest in the rate 0.5% still meet the power sells to press the index close the market is down to 20 %. But Tokyo stock exchange is better than Singapore stock exchange meet the power sells to molest stock exchange index close to is down to 2.5% that have effect to index of Thailand Stock Market will decrease to 3.30% too.

         Moreover Hamburger crisis have Impact to stock market and financial institution until Congress council approve the plan helps financial or Bail-Out Plan. As the same, many countries in Europe will approve the plan helps financial give with the financial institution in the country of oneself. This crisis spread to Real Economy sector of United States which the production part must have closing down, and discharge many laborers.

        The United States of America is the market exports worldly large-sized. If economy of United States deteriorates, that means purchasing goods power from the worldwide decrease lower. This effect is influence to Thailand which is the country rely on exporting to United States must take exporting shrink condition. Especially foreign countries investor will withdraw the investment from Thailand like other market for lead money gets back to help oneself country. They must sell the stock and stock market will down perpendicularly severely too.

       Thereafter the market must meet with Bear Market condition because investor confidence will don't improve from the worry in critical the finance day by day will expand boundaries wide go to still other provincial more and more , both of Europe and Asia.

The effect on unemployment



The effect from hamburger crisis has an affect on the unemployment. Many companies have the trend to decrease the labor force because they want to reduce the cost of productivity. On December, the unemployment rates in the United State go to 7.2 percentages which is highest in 16 periods. The analyst thinks, there is the possibility that unemployment rate in the U.S. will throw exceed 10 percent. The U.S. ministry of labor specifies that, on December the U.S. has the vacancy disappears 524,000 positions. From this crisis, American unemployment throw go to at 11.1 million people. In the 3rd quarter of 2008 the unemployment rate in Australia has 4.2 percentages; Japan has 4.1 percentages and 3.1 percentages in South Koreas. There are trend to increasing the unemployment rate in 2009. Moreover, the increasing of unemployment rate has affected to increase in holding the mortgage house because they can not repay the debt, and has affected to the consumption which has effect to other sector.



The economy recession


Hamburger crisis effect to economy of all countries in the world because most countries use dollar for make a reference currency. USA is the big source of capital market. When hamburger crisis occur, investor of USA must manage risk such as uncertain in stock market. Investor will sell stock until natural situation. It affects to stock market around the world which value of stock decrease to 46 %. Fed announces to reduce short run investment rate which effect to activity of industry part and decrease in value of retail. Bank around the world meet the problem which some bank must close. Moreover, it effect to explanation of economy around the world because USA is the main export market for many countries.